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Physiotherapy Services In Cheadle

For full biomechanical screening and a high standard of care, call Sports Therapy & Physio Rehab. We are highly trained and experienced practitioner.

Bio-mechanical screening

We make use of full biomechanical screening as a diagnostic tool. We use it to design a treatment plan, matching your individual needs. Our highly professional approach ensures that all aspects of the treatment are covered and the quality of service is guaranteed.

Special offer £40.00 per session 1 hour

We offer all aspects of holistic physiotherapeutic care. Rely on us for:

We adopt a professional approach for the relief of stress.

Holistic physiotherapeutic care

What can we help with?

We can help alleviate back pain, whiplash, frozen shoulder; sciatica, trapped nerves, stiff joints and any muscle related disorders. You can also consult us for headaches or any rheumatic conditions.

£40.00 - 1 hour session

Rely on us to help with pain from sports Injuries. We could help reduce back pain, sciatica and rheumatic conditions. Contact us if you are experiencing muscular pain or need any help with post-surgical and post natal rehabilitation.

Sports Injury Clinic

High quality of care is provided to all patients. Highly experienced qualified HCPC SR physiotherapist, who you can rely on.

Injury Rehabilitation

We also offer massage therapy HH and are unique in our approach to all aspects of the physiotherapeutic services.

Our Physiotherapists

Depend on us for biomechanical screening, physiotherapy services, HH healing hands and contact us for a free consultation.

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Licenses & Certifications :

We are regulated by healthcare professional regulatory bodies such as HCPC, Physio First, Charted Society Of Physiotherapy, ACPIN and ACPSEM.

Physiotherapy Services in Cheadle

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If you need biomechnical screening, contact Sports Therapy & Physio Rehab in Cheadle on 0161 759 6626

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