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Our Blog - Lack of coronavirus testing puts mental health of physio staff at risk

Just one in five NHS physiotherapy staff reported having regular asymptomatic Covid-19 testing at work, causing significant anxiety with 73 per cent saying there were worried about passing on the virus to patients, colleagues or family.

These are the findings of a survey of over 4,000 CSP members.

The CSP is warning that the NHS risks losing a significant part of its crucial workforce if testing isn’t improved – 18 per cent of NHS physiotherapy staff said they were in a high-risk or vulnerable category themselves.

It has backed a call on the government by the Allied Health Professions Federation (AHPF) for action on personal protective equipment and testing.

Previous letters to health secretary Matt Hancock earlier in the year from the AHPF have been ignored. Mr Hancock has also not replied to concerns raised by the Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance.

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